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International Internal Audit Awareness Month

International Internal Audit Awareness Month is May 2015 and we want to tell the world that we are proud to be internal auditors.

International Internal Audit Awareness Month aims not only to dispel misconceptions about the profession, but to enhance the business community’s knowledge of the essential role internal audit plays in strong organisational governance, internal control, and effective risk management.

According to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), when management and boards fully appreciate the value of internal auditing, they ensure the internal audit activity is adequately sourced and effectively utilised.

InConsult encourages all organisations with an internal audit department to get involved this May 2015. So to get you in the spirit, here are 7 strategies to boost internal audit awareness and improve the level of staff engagement:

  1. Auditors love internal controls, why not hold Internal Control Awareness Training for senior managers.
  2. Younger people love social media, engage them with internal audit memes from our Facebook page and short educational videos from our YouTube – One Minute Risk Manager channel.
  3. Have a catch up over coffee with managers who may be struggling to implement past audit recommendations and help them to move forward.
  4. Host a “Lunch and Learn” for all staff to introduce the audit team members, outline exactly what internal audit does and doesn’t do.
  5. Review your Strategic Audit Plan including any realignment to the organisations risk profile and assurance framework.
  6. Help senior managers and risk owners to review and update their risk registers.
  7. Facilitate a Crisis Management Exercise for the Crisis Management Team around a major fraud or corruption event.  Download our Business Disruption Exercise Scenario ideas here.

Find out more about International Internal Audit Awareness Month 2015 and get even more ideas on how to raise awareness at the Institute of Internal Auditors website.

Remember that whatever you do, it’s all about keeping the role of internal audit and internal controls front of mind. Check out InConsult’s Internal Audit and Assurance capabilities to find out how we can help you.