Business Continuity Management

A Business Continuity Management Plan is an important management tool designed to increase your resilience during a range of plausible disruption scenarios.

With frequent severe weather events, increasing reliance on information technology to do business and supplier dependencies, it’s no longer a question of “should we bother to put some business continuity plans and resources in place?” – It’s now a question of “How far should we go?” 

  • How long could your business survive in the event of a prolonged disruption to critical services?
  • How long will your customers, regulators and other stakeholders tolerate a disruption to service delivery? 
  • How long can you protect your reputation and market share before your competitors capitalise on your misfortune and threaten your long term survival? 

The uncomfortable truth is that organisations will never be able to foresee or plan for every scenario.  Therefore, it is important to build and embed business resilience throughout the organisation. Only by taking a proactive approach to risk, managing issues effectively and preparing for reactive crisis response can organisations be sure that the business is agile, adaptive and able to respond to immediate threats, no matter how they arise.

Whilst organisations cannot control the likelihood and impact of major disruption events like floods, fires, pandemics, power failures and a host of other IT and business related risks, they can control their preparedness and timeliness of their response. InConsult has a suite of services designed to make your organisation more robust to disruptions. 

Our Business Continuity Management services include:

Business Continuity NOW!

An integrated, tailored and step-by-step program designed to support organisations develop and implement an appropriate business continuity policy, framework and plan.

Business Continuity
Health Check

A cost effective, holistic and independent review of your business continuity management framework against HB:292 – A practitioners guide to business continuity management.

Business Continuity Exercising

We have developed over 40 disruption scenarios, with different levels of complexity to help test and refine your crisis management skills and validate the completeness of response capabilities of your business continuity plan…Download now!

Business Continuity Awareness Training

Familiarise key people with your BCP and help people responsible for leading; implementing and managing a business continuity management program.

Would you like to know more about our Business Continuity Management services and capabilities?

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