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In today’s business environment, managers across all levels of the organisation face a range of new challenges, issues and risks.

Whilst traditional management training helps to build core management skills, today’s manager must possess another set of skills to help protect, strengthen and build a more resilient organisation. 

That is why InConsult offers a distinguished range of training programs to build and refine the risk management, governance and resilience skills of today’s manager.

Our training is delivered by experienced and highly qualified trainers who create an engaging environment and encourage group participation. 

To maximize training effectiveness, our training is based on specific learning objectives and includes interactive activities, videos, case studies and/or games. 

We offer in-house training that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. 

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"
- Benjamin Franklin

InConsult Training Courses

The Benefits

Achieve a Shared View – Learners will develop a common view of important risk, resilience, compliance and risk management principles. 

Better Practice – All our training follows the relevant better practice standards and regulatory requirements of the course being delivered.

End-to-end – We have a wide range of training courses designed to cover the three lines of defence and all your risk management, resilience, and audit needs

Tailored to Your Needs – We take the time to listen to you.  Our base line training package is customised to meet your specific training needs and your internal policies to help you achieve the desired organisational objectives. We can combine courses and time the delivery in a way that meets your needs.

Experienced Trainers – Our training is delivered by experienced consultants and trainers who have ‘hands on’ practical experience in the topic and understand the complexities and issues. 

We Can Adapt – Our trainers can also address most ‘out-of-left-field’ topics raised by learners.

More Engaging – In-house, face-to-face training is by far the most effective method of training designed to be more relevant and engaging with the learners.

More Cost-effective – On a cost per head basis, our in-house training courses represent better value for money than public training and e-Learning courses.

More Convenient – In-house training is delivered at your premises to minimise the impact of day-to-day operations. You choose the duration of the course, date, time and location that best meets your needs. 

Minimise Cost – No travel or venue hire is required. We can also deliver on-line training or in a hybrid format.

Maintain Confidentiality – In-house training allows all learners to discuss commercially sensitive matters and issues with confidence.

Team Building – In-house training brings people from around the organisation together and fosters team building and better working relationships.

What Our Learners Say

“Very happy with the content and the way it was delivered. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it useful.”  – E Whitehead, Insurance Industry

“A very well-structured program.” – C Walker, Insurance Industry

“I am looking forward to applying my learning in the workplace.” – L Marshall, Local Government

“Great course – very informative and enjoyable.” – F Lloyd, Local Government


You're in Good Hands

Our wide range of in-house training courses have helped public and private sector organisations to strengthen key elements of their risk management, business continuity, cyber risk, compliance, governance and audit capabilities.  This includes:

  • Griffith University
  • NSW Treasury Corporation (TCorp)
  • City Chic
  • Tokio Marine
  • Insurance Council of Australia
  • Liverpool City Council
  • Penrith City Council
  • Logan City Council
  • Maroondah City Council

Watch Our Free Training Videos

Looking for free risk management training videos? Check out our One Minute Risk Manager videos on YouTube.

The One Minute Risk Manager is a YouTube channel that consists of a series of short videos where we take everyday events and apply risk management principles to them to help simplify some risk management concepts.

Would you like to know more about our range of Training services and capabilities?