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Risk Appetite in Practice Training

risk appetite

The Challenge

In line with risk management better practice and regulatory recommendations from AISC and APRA, the board and management must articulate and communicate the organisations risk appetite and link it to corporate strategy. Yet, many organisations fall well short of regulatory and stakeholder expectations.

Articulating and communicating the appropriate risk taking behaviours and boundaries through a risk appetite statement can be a challenge, but people using and applying a risk appetite statement can be even tougher.

Course Objectives

Our Risk Appetite in Practice Training is an ideal introduction to the fundamental concepts of risk appetite. It is designed to help people grasp the basic and most important concepts of risk appetite setting, communicating and monitoring.

This half-day course is designed to help the board, risk committee, senior executives, line managers, team leaders and staff grasp the basic and most important concepts of developing and using risk appetite statements.

Course Outline

  • Understanding risk attitudes, risk appetite & risk tolerance
  • The role of risk appetite in corporate governance and risk management
  • Why is setting and communicating risk appetite important?
  • What drives risk appetite?
  • Who does what – who is responsible?
  • What are best-practice requirements?
  • How to articulate, communicate and monitor risk appetite
  • How does the risk appetite statement impact performance?
  • The key challenges and issues in determining and using risk appetite statements
  • Elements of a well-defined risk appetite statement
  • Examples of good and bad risk appetite statements
  • The 4 behaviours a risk appetite statement aims to influence
  • Case studies in using risk appetite statement to make decisions

Course Benefits

  • Ensure all directors, senior management and key staff understand key elements of risk appetite.
  • Support the development and refinement of risk appetite and tolerance parameters;
  • Ensure risk appetite statements are aligned to the risk management framework and business strategy.

Course Delivery

The course is only available as in-house training. It can be delivered in person, on-line or in a hybrid format.

CPD Points

Participants can claim 3 hours CPD points. A certificate of attainment is issued upon completion.

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