Risk Management

Do you know what your key risks are?

Risk taking is at the heart of growth, innovation and prosperity…successfully managing risk to balance risk and reward is the key.

What are the emerging risks? What are their consequences? Which risks are not currently well managed? What risks have not yet been identified? What risks can’t you absorb or tolerate?

More demanding stakeholders, increased regulation, potential financial or criminal penalties, corporate fraud and uncontrollable events all mean greater uncertainty about meeting future objectives.

In an increasingly complex business environment, the need for an organisation to understand and manage all its major risks is not only critical to achieving strategic goals but integral to good corporate governance.

Developing, implementing and maintaining an appropriate Enterprise-wide Risk Management (ERM) framework requires a sound understanding of the organisation, the business environment and the principles of risk management.

Our Risk Management services include:

Risk Management Quick Start

We help an organisation take the first steps towards implementing a formal and proactive enterprise-wide risk management framework using Risk Management Standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2018 and industry specific best practice risk management principles.

Risk Management Health Check

An independent and holistic review of an organisations risk management framework against best practice standards, applicable regulations and maturity models to provide stakeholders with peace of mind as to the effectiveness and efficiency of your risk management framework.

Risk Assist

A flexible package of services designed to support small and medium sized organisations to maintain a formal, proactive and cost effective risk management function.

Risk Enhance

Transform your risk management to best practice. Supports today’s risk professional by providing both routine and non-routine support and mentoring to help take risk management to the next level of maturity and best practice.

Major Project Risk Management

Support the project team to improve risk assessments so that the venture will be delivered within the constraints of time, cost and resources and to the required standard.

Risk Management Training

An excellent way to introduce and/or reinforce the basic concepts of risk management to staff, management and the board to improve people’s skills and confidence.

Cyber Risk Management

A comprehensive range of cyber risk management services to help organisations identify gaps and enhance cyber risk management and resilience.


Benefits of Managing Risk

Read our case studies to see the benefits of risk management in practice

RAC Insurance

GuardianERM.Net is the “perfect tool” for improving risk culture

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