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Welcome to InConsult

Helping you better manage risks is our business.

Established in 2001, InConsult is a leading professional services firm with extensive local and international experience in risk management, business continuity, fraud and corruption prevention, internal audit, probity, assurance and GRC software development and delivery.

Risk Management

More demanding stakeholders, increased regulation, potential financial or criminal penalties, corporate fraud and uncontrollable events all mean greater uncertainty about meeting future objectives. InConsult helps you reduce the uncertainty.

Cyber Risk Management

Our comprehensive range of Cyber Risk Management services will help identify vulnerabilities, protect information and assets, detect risk, respond and recover from a cyber incident should it occur.

Risk Culture Assessment

At the heart of successful risk taking is a strong risk culture that is shaped by the expectations of the Board, the conduct of Senior Management and beliefs and norms of people throughout the organisation and the extended enterprise.

Climate Risk Management

The changing climate is resulting in new risks that businesses need to consider, manage and in some cases, report on. How well prepared is your organisation and supply chain for changes associated with extreme weather events?

Third Party Risk Management

Third parties can help deliver tremendous value, but poorly managed, can also expose your organisation to a myriad of operational, financial, regulatory, strategic and reputational risks as the consequences will be transferred to you.

Business Continuity

How long could your business survive in the event of a prolonged disruption to critical services? How long will your customers, regulators and other stakeholders tolerate a disruption to service delivery? We help you build resilience.

Internal Audit & Assurance

Internal audit and assurance is an integral part of good governance. In some industry sectors, internal audit is mandated whilst in other sectors, it is strongly recommended. We help you strengthen your internal controls.

Fraud & Corruption

No organisation is immune from fraud and corruption. Fraud can be perpetrated in many ways by customers, suppliers, contractors, employees, managers, executives and boards or a combination. We help you minimise fraud risks.


GuardianERM.Net is a comprehensive and integrated web-based system designed to automate and streamline important risk management, audit, governance and compliance activities including tracking, monitoring and reporting.

InConsult Clients

Encouraging organisations to confidently take risks is central to our consulting and advisory mantra.  We help organisations pursue their vision, manage their risks, be more resilient and stay in control.

We are the Risk Advisor of First Choice

InConsult is not an alternative to the larger accounting and consulting firms.  We are the first choice advisor for enterprise risk management, resilience, internal audit and assurance for organisations looking for a trusted, highly capable, experienced and respected team, and not fresh university graduates. 

Our commitment to every client is demonstrated by our pursuit to quality, providing value for money, a collaborative consulting approach to transfer knowledge and free post project support to help ensure project success.

We love to help our clients and we are passionate about what we do to help them create and protect value for their stakeholders. We bring this passion to every project.

That is why we proudly serve clients across Australia and in New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America.

We Support a Wide Range of Stakeholders

Stakeholders at different levels trust InConsult.  We work across the three lines to ensure risk management, resilience, governance, audit and assurance activities are effective and aligned to help them achieve their objectives and to create and protect value.

The Governing Body

We work with the board of directors, council, elected representatives and the audit and risk committee to help them effectively fulfil their fiduciary duties that encompass being objective, responsible, honest, trustworthy, and efficient in their oversight.

Senior Management

First line management includes the Chief Executive Officer, leadership team and managers across the the organisation. We help them establish and maintains appropriate structures, systems and processes to confidently take risk and effectively manage operations.

Risk Management, Governance & Compliance

Second line roles support the governing body and senior management to implement effective risk management, internal controls, governance policies and compliance systems. We help the second line to strengthen risk, resilience and governance.

Internal Audit & Assurance

We support internal audit to review controls and provide independent and objective assurance and advice to management and the governing body to support the achievement of organizational objectives and facilitate continuous improvement.

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