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ESG and Modern Slavery Awareness Training

ESG Modern Slavery

The Challenge

There are growing expectations among regulators, investors, customers and other stakeholders around the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials of organisations.
ESG has moved beyond being merely a “check-the-box” exercise to requiring serious consideration and action to manage the increasing compliance, reputational and financial risks associated with ESG issues.

Boards and management have a responsibility for understanding the risks, taking action to manage material risks and for making appropriate disclosures.
Specific ESG training modules, for example Climate Change Awareness Training and Modern Slavery Awareness Training are integral parts of the compliance and risk management process.

Course Objectives

Our Climate Change Awareness Training and Modern Slavery Awareness Training programmes are tailored to offer an effective and engaging way to introduce the board, managers and/or staff these ESG issues and the implications for the organisation.

They are designed to help participants understand what climate change or modern slavery are, the risks they can cause your organisation, the legal and regulatory requirements and ways to manage the risks.

We address the needs of all levels in an organisation in addressing the risks including:

  • The governing body – board members, councillors and committee members
  • C-level managers
  • Staff, including managers, in roles relevant to ESG risk

ESG Courses Available

These courses are tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and the audience, however, topics covered generally include:

Climate Change Risk Awareness Training and Workshop (1 to 3 hours)

  • Understanding what climate change is and causes of climate change
  • Introducing other sustainability and environmental concerns for organisations
  • Key terms and definitions
  • Understanding physical and transition risks of climate change
  • What to look for when identifying potential risks to your organisation, including exposure, vulnerability and resilience
  • What controls can be implemented
  • What controls does your organisation have in place to prevent a breach
  • What are the regulatory or legal obligations on your directors and organisation
  • Climate, environment and sustainability disclosures and reporting obligations
  • Australian and international trends for responding to climate change and environmental risks

Modern Slavery Awareness (1 to 2 hours)

  • Understanding what Modern Slavery is and isn’t
  • What to look for when identifying potential risks in your operations and supply chains
  • What are the regulatory or legal obligations on your organisation
  • What are companies doing to address modern slavery
  • What controls does your organisation have in place to ensure you are not involved in acts of modern slavery
  • Preparing a Modern Slavery Statement and the lessons learnt from the first 2 years of disclosure

Course Benefits

  • Ensure all c-level, directors, senior management and staff understand the ESG risks they face, particularly from climate change and modern slavery
  • Support the development and refinement of climate change risk and modern slavery risk frameworks and other controls
  • Enhancement of compliance culture, education and awareness
  • Meet the annual regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations associated with staff awareness training

Course Delivery

We include case studies and examples to make the courses relevant and fun. The courses are only available as in-house training. They can be delivered in person, on-line or in a hybrid format. For large volumes of staff, training is divided and scheduled on alternating days to accommodate availability.

The course is delivered by an experience subject matter expert and trainer.

CPD Points

Participants can claim 2 hours CPD point. A certificate of attainment is issued upon completion.

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