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Cyber Risk Awareness Training

cyber risk training

The Challenge

Regulatory bodies and better practice cyber security guidelines continue to emphasise the importance of the ‘Human Firewall’ or people as the first and last line of defence in cyber risk management.

No matter how mature your cyber security framework is or how incredibly complex the technical controls are, the human factor will always be a variable that requires constant attention. There is now, more than ever, increased expectations on boards and management to take responsibility for the cyber security posture of an organisation and regular cyber risk awareness training is part of the answer.

Course Objectives

Our Cyber Risk Awareness Training is more effective and engaging than computer based training.  It is more than just trick questions and case studies. It is delivered by a cyber security specialist and in words that are easy for people to understand and apply.

We explore all areas of cyber risk on various platforms, what’s happening on the dark web, the current and future trends of attacks relevant to your industry and what your organisation has available today to mitigate cyber incidents should they occur.

Our one-hour Cyber Risk Awareness Training sessions are designed to address all levels in an organisation including:

  • The governing body – board members, councillors and committee members
  • C-level managers
  • End-users or general staff including managers
  • Information Technology management teams and their responsibilities

Course Outline

The course is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and each audience.  It includes:

  • Understanding cyber risk management and our responsibilities
  • What is business continuity management and how does it bridge the gap between risk management and cyber risk management?
  • Key terms and definitions in the cyber space
  • What are cyber crime groups and what do they get up to?
  • A view of activity on the dark web
  • What is cyber crime like in Australia?
  • What is a data breach and why do they occur?
  • What controls does our organisation have in place to prevent a breach?
  • Activity – spot the phishing email
  • Overview – staff responsibilities and escalating an incident

The course includes videos, interactive games and case studies to make learning fun, effective and memorable.

The training can be tailored to your needs and aligned to your cyber security framework and guidelines.

Course Benefits

  • Ensure all c-level, directors, senior management and staff understand the cyber risks associated with online activity and devices;
  • Support the development and refinement of cyber security frameworks and other controls;
  • Reduce the probability of an incident and encourage a positive culture around reporting incidents or concerns;
  • Bang-for-buck enhancement of culture, education, awareness and cyber posture;
  • Meet the annual regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations associated with staff awareness training.

Course Delivery

The course is only available as in-house training. It can be delivered in person, on-line or in a hybrid format. For large volumes of staff, training is divided and scheduled on alternating days to accommodate availability.

The course is delivered by an experience subject matter expert and trainer.

CPD Points

Participants can claim 1 hour CPD point. A certificate of attainment is issued upon completion.

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