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Audit Committee Member Training

audit committee

The Challenge

Increasingly, the audit committee is being relied upon by key stakeholders including regulators, councillors and management to provide valuable independent assurance and advice in many areas including risk management, compliance, internal control, fraud control, internal audit, external audit and other governance functions.

  • What are the essential skills required for audit committee members?
  • What are the key expectations from stakeholders?
  • How do you ensure you meet key responsibilities?

Course Objectives

Risk & Audit audit committees play an important role in an organisations overall governance framework and are a key component in the three lines of defence against risk.  This course is designed to compliment an audit committee induction program and aims to provide committee members with a solid understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Course Outline

  • The role of the Internal Audit Committee.
  • Committee operations and responsibilities.
  • Overview of Office of Local Government Internal Audit Guidelines issued in 2008, updated in 2010.
  • How to conduct successful meetings.
  • How to evaluate risk management frameworks, control effectiveness and treatment strategies.

Course Benefits

Designed for audit committee members, auditors and managers, this course will help:

  • Outline important legislation and best practice guidelines for audit committees.
  • Provide a better understanding of relationships between management, governance, risk management and internal audit.
  • Gain an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the internal audit process, effective reporting techniques and meeting procedures.
  • Develop audit committee members’ knowledge to maximise their effectiveness

The course includes case studies and videos to effectively engage participants at all levels. It also includes tips and checklists that committee members can use at their councils.

Course Delivery

The course is only available as in-house training. It can be delivered in person, on-line or in a hybrid format.

CPD Points

Participants can claim 2 hours CPD points. A certificate of attainment is issued upon completion.

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