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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2020

Business Continuity Awareness Week 2020 (BCAW) is a global event designed to raise awareness of business continuity and resilience by educating, sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices.

This year, Business Continuity Awareness Week will run from 18th – 22th May 2020, and celebrates the theme, “We are Stronger Together”.  This year’s theme focuses on the idea of collaboration across teams, departments and disciplines to build and implement resilience within organizations and society in general.

Don’t let the coronavirus pandemic get in your way. You are resilient right? Be creative. What will you do to raise awareness of business continuity and the importance of resilience?

Here is our list of 10 things you can do during BCAW 2020 to help improve the level of engagement in resilience and business continuity management:

  • Update your organisations Business Impact Analysis (BIAs) via on-line meetings.
  • Review and update key elements of your response plans such as the BCP, Crisis Management Plan, Pandemic Plan, IT-DRP or Data Breach Response Plan.
  • Create staff surveys to check-in with staff working from home to obtain valuable feedback about any issues or risks.
  • Facilitate an on-line lessons learned session with your pandemic response team to identify areas that need improvement.
  • Conduct on-line cyber security awareness training sessions.
  • Conduct an on-line Crisis Management Team simulation exercise.
  • Conduct on-line refresher training for the Crisis Team and senior managers involved in implementing your response plans.
  • Provide management a high level presentation covering the concept of operation of the various response plans.
  • Run on-line games and quizzes such as crosswords and find a word.  Can your staff pass this coronavirus fast fact quiz?
  • How creative are your people? Run a competition and have people draw a picture or write a short poem on what ‘We are Stronger Together’ means to them.

InConsult encourages all organisations to get involved in Business Continuity Awareness Week 2020.  Contact us if you would like help in planning or conducting events during BCAW 2020.

Find out more about BCAW 2020 at the Business Continuity Institute’s website.

Remember that whatever you do, it’s all about keeping business continuity front of mind and staff aware of your organisations response strategy! Check out InConsult’s Business Continuity Management capabilities to find out how we can help you build a more resilient organisation.