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At InConsult, we are committed to sustainability, climate risk management and doing our part to minimise the impact of climate change.  From our location at One International Towers at Barangaroo, considered the environmental benchmark in Australia, to our business practices that eliminate paper and encourage recycling.   

For 20 years we’ve been helping our clients confidently take and manage their risks. Our services have reflected obvious risks and emerging risks.  It is with great pleasure that on World Environment Day 2020, we officially launch our climate risk management capabilities to help our clients better understand, prepare and respond to the changing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.


Climate risks are no longer considered an emerging risk or black swan.  They can pose a real threat to business.  Here are the facts:

  • Climate and environmental risks were the most significant risks identified by the World Economic Forum in 2019.
  • Identification, management and reporting of climate risks are evolving from ‘recommendation’ to ‘regulation’ in many industries.
  • Climate risk is considered as a material risk that companies and their directors must consider.
  • Climate litigation is a growing risk in Australia and worldwide.
  • Companies with strong ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) policies have been the better performers under the pandemic stresses according to the MSCI index – a broad global equity index that represents large and mid-cap equity performance across all 23 developed markets countries.

Our position is clear.

  • We believe that we have a responsibility to protect our environment and preserve all life on our planet.
  • We accept the international scientific consensus presented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and supported by the CSIRO.
  • We support the ratification of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Paris Agreement by the Australian Government.
  • We recognise that our clients are signatories to the United Nations Principles for Sustainable Insurance or Sustainable Development.
  • We want to be an organisation that is part of the solution. 


Over the last 9 months, we have completed a number of initiatives that aim to deliver a more comprehensive, proactive and affordable climate risk management service to our clients that also complements our existing risk and assurance services.

Kim Edwards will lead the delivery of climate risk services. Kim has a depth of risk and disaster management, compliance, and legal skills that complement her environmental science skills and passion. These skills and experience have been developed over the years through her work as a scientist, legal practitioner, compliance professional and emergency services incident controller.


We have laid a solid foundation and are climate risk ready to help our clients better understand and manage their climate related risks.  

We have designed our end-to-end range of climate risk services with our clients in mind. These services:

  • complement our governance, risk management and business continuity services;
  • are designed to help our clients understand climate risks, opportunities and compliance obligations; and
  • provide clients with assurance, wherever they are along their ESG journey and regardless of the size and complexity of their organisation.

How green to you want to be? Learn more about our Climate Risk Services here. We look forward to supporting our clients to help the take and manage risks with confidence.