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Since 2001, InConsult has helped private and public sector organisations strengthen their risk management systems and practices, prepare for a wide range of disruptions and improve their internal control environment to protect and enhance value.

Today, InConsult is one of Australia’s most trusted risk advisory and internal audit service providers.

What do you want to achieve?

1. Strengthen risk management capabilities

Risk Management

We can help enhance your current risk management framework, improve risk management capabilities, risk maturity and align risk taking to your strategic objectives and risk appetite. 

Risk Culture Assessment

Our Risk Culture Diagnostic and Assessment helps the board and top management define their desired risk culture, evaluate the current risk culture and identify ways to improve the risk culture.

Third Party Risk Management

We help identify and evaluate the myriad of operational, cyber, financial, regulatory, strategic and reputational risks associated with your third parties and develop an effective monitoring program.

2. Build a more resilient organisation

Business Continuity

With more frequent severe weather events, growing reliance on information technology and more third party dependencies, we help you foresee,  prepare and plan for the unexpected.

Climate Risk & Sustainability

We help you establish an appropriate climate risk posture that is aligned to your risk management framework, stakeholder expectations and integrated into everyday processes.

Cyber Risk Management

We will help identify cyber risk vulnerabilities, develop strategies to protect information assets and develop your internal capabilities to respond and recover from a cyber incident should it occur.

3. Improve internal controls and safeguards

Internal Audit & Assurance

Our internal audit team can help deliver a value for money, forward-looking audit program that supports continuous improvement, improved risk management and an enhanced control environment.

Fraud & Corruption Control

We can help review and enhance your current fraud and corruption control policies, systems and practices as well as enhance staff and supplier awareness through a range of engagement initiatives. 


GuardianERM is a comprehensive and integrated web-based system designed to automate and streamline risk management, audit and compliance activities and reporting.

Who are our Clients?

(by size, sector and location)

87% have an annual turnover exceeding $50M
52% are in the private sector or ASX listed
31% are headquartered outside Australia

(who engaged us)

14% are board or committee members
48% are CEOs, CROs or CIOs
37% are Chief Audit Executives

How Our Clients Rated Us

(on a scale from 1 to 10)

9.3 for Speed of Service Delivery

9.7 for Professionalism

9.4 for Knowledge & Experience

10/10 Would Use InConsult Again

9.5 for Overall Satisfaction

9.1 for Value for Money

What Our Clients Say

“The InConsult team were integral in making lasting and significant improvements to our internal control environment and processes to improve our operating rhythm to allow us to build solid foundations and move forward.”

Finance Industry CEO, Investor & Entrepreneur

“InConsult’s expertise in risk management, insurance and APRA’s prudential framework has allowed us to make improvements to our risk management framework and successfully meet the regulators requirements.”

General Insurance Country Manager - Australia

“The implementation of these key risk management activities has significantly improved the culture of risk thinking and risk management within our organisation.”

Local Government General Manager

“InConsult has become a valuable partner of Council in assisting and providing advice in setting up our Enterprise Risk Management Framework in accordance with ISO31000.”

Local Government Risk Manager

“Our Framework is now very comprehensive and effectively embeds the assessment, management and control of risk at all levels within our organisation, which was our key objective in commissioning the comprehensive review.”

Housing Association Compliance Manager

“Engaging InConsult to undertake the review proved to be an excellent choice. The knowledge and experience of their team made the whole process effortless. The recommendations from the assessment were thoughtful, and relevant.”

Health Insurance CIO

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