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Fraud & Corruption Prevention

No organisation is immune from fraud and corruption.

Fraud & corruption can be perpetrated in many ways by customers, suppliers, contractors, employees, managers, executives and boards or a combination.

Global studies and surveys consistently highlight that fraud and corruption is on the rise in terms of both quantity and the type of fraud schemes. Fraudsters are getting smarter and more sophisticated.

The types of fraud will vary from industry to industry and include credit card fraud, phishing, account takeover, forgery, smurfing, theft, false statement, false invoices, insider fraud, overcharging, counterfeiting, kiting, lapping, collusion, corruption, online banking, deposit fraud, cheque fraud and POS fraud.

Accusations and convictions of fraud can be absolutely devastating to the reputation of a company. Effective fraud & corruption control will save thousands of dollars and reduce reputation risk.

"Corruption, embezzlement, fraud, these are all characteristics which exist everywhere.
It is regrettably the way human nature functions, whether we like it or not.
What successful economies do is keep it to a minimum"
- Alan Greenspan

Our Approach:

For Fraud and Corruption Prevention, our consulting approach and methodology considers better practice standards, public sector guidelines and legislation relevant to the organisation including:

  • AS 8001-2021 Fraud and Corruption Control (pending revision)
  • ISO 37301: 2021 Compliance management systems
  • AS/ISO 37001-2019 Anti-Bribery Management Systems
  • Audit Office of NSW – Fraud Control Improvement Kit
  • Public Interest Disclosure Acts in various Australian states
  • State Corruption Commission guidelines e.g. ICAC, QCCC, IBAC

Our Fraud & Corruption Prevention services include:

Fraud Wise

Our structured Fraud & Corruption Control Framework development programme.

Fraud & Corruption Health Check

An independent review of an organisation’s fraud and corruption management framework using Australian Standard AS8001-2008 as a base line.

Conduct Investigations

Analyse and present factual findings and recommendations to assist in resolving complaints quickly and fairly.

Forensic Accounting

Combines our accounting, auditing and investigative skills to analyse, interpret and present complex financial and business related issues such as fraud.

Benefits of Managing Fraud and Corruption

Read our case study to see the benefits of Fraud & Corruption Prevention in practice 

MidCoast Council

InConsult’s Fraud & corruption health check and training raises fraud awareness for Council

Access Our Fraud and Corruption Publications

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