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We know the importance of assurance.

Let us help you provide assurance over the more complex council functions.

Local Government
Internal Audit Specialists

NSW has 128 local councils who employ over 48,000 people, spend more than $12 billion annually on infrastructure, facilities and services to local communities and manage community assets worth $178 billion.

With over 100 local government, county council and joint organisation clients, InConsult is the leader in local government internal audit, assurance, risk and resilience services.

We have conducted over 400 internal audits and reviews across the entire local government audit universe and have provided thousands of realistic recommendations that have:

Strengthened governance 

Reduced risk 

Enhanced internal controls 

Improved business processes 

Saved money 

Increased revenue 


We Understand the Audit Universe in Local Government

The audit universe includes the range of potential internal audit activities that can be performed by the internal audit function in a local council or county council. It consists of all the auditable processes, systems, activities, projects, events, frameworks, functions and entities.

Our risk based internal audit approach and our strategic internal audit planning methodology helps to identify the higher risk areas in the audit universe to provide value for money, even when  faced with a limited internal audit budget and resources.

  • Accounts Payable & Creditors
  • Accounts Receivable & Debtors
  • Asset Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Capital Works Program
  • Community Grants
  • Community Services / Development
  • Compliance
  • Contract Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Debt Recovery
  • Developer contributions and VPAs
  • Development & Building Assessment
  • Financial Reporting
  • Fixed Assets – Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Fraud & Corruption Prevention
  • Health & Regulatory Services
  • Human Resources
  • IT General Controls
  • Investment Management
  • Inventory
  • Legal services
  • Local Emergency Planning
  • On-site sewage management
  • Operations/Depot
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Payroll
  • Petty Cash
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Plant and Fleet Management
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Property Management
  • Rates
  • Receipting
  • Risk Management
  • Planning Certificates
  • Taxes – GST & FBT
  • Waste Management
  • Water Billing
  • Work Health & Safety
  • Local Emergency Planning

We Know How to Audit
More Complex Areas

local government

Waste Management

Collecting, processing and disposing of waste can cost councils millions of dollars every year. Regular assurance that the financial, environmental, safety and reputational risks involved in waste management are being managed effectively is critical.

Building Certification

Recent problems with poorly constructed buildings have been well documented. Does council have effective controls in place to ensure that buildings under construction are properly inspected and certified?

local government
local government

Development Assessment

Councils process hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of development applications every year. Development assessment is complex and occurs in a constantly changing regulatory environment. A structured, well documented and risk based approach to development assessment is key.

Development Contributions

Councils collect and spend millions of dollars of contributions from developers for public infrastructure. But can you be sure that the correct amounts are being levied, indexed, collected and spent in a timely manner in accordance with legislation and the council’s contribution plans? In addition, is Council maximising the benefits of Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs) where these are used as an alternative to development contributions?

local government
local government

Asset Management

Councils collectively manage over $170 billion in community assets. Periodic audits can provide assurance that assets are being managed in accordance with asset management plans and strategies as required by relevant legislation.

Compliance & Enforcement

Councils have responsibility for a range of compliance and enforcement functions including development control, environmental health, food safety, parking, fire safety, abandoned vehicles and illegal dumping. These functions come with high reputational, financial, environmental and safety risks. Regular audits can provide assurance that these functions are being conducted in accordance with legislative requirements and council’s policies and procedures.

local government
cyber security


Cyber risks are high on the radar of most organisations. The cyber environment for councils is unique and assurance is best delivered by experts in the field who understand the local government operating environment and context.


Achieving value for money when procuring goods and services is important for all organisations but especially for councils. Providing adequate assurance that council’s procurement controls are working effectively requires an auditor who understands the regulatory framework governing procurement in local government.

audit committee

Fraud & Corruption Prevention

Councils have unique fraud and corruption risks that arise from high stakes functions like development assessment, building certification, procurement and regulatory compliance. Do Council’s key policies, plans and controls adequately mitigate fraud and corruption risks in these and other key areas?

Drives 24

It is a condition of use of the RMS Drives 24 system that councils undertake an annual audit of their use of the system. InConsult has auditors with many years experience in this area who can conduct thorough audits that will satisfy RMS requirements and ensure that council retains the ability to access the system.

local government
modern slavery

Modern Slavery

Conducting internal audit / independent review of your council’s modern slavery policies, procedures and practices against the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act (NSW).

Climate Risk & Sustainability

Has your council made commitments or undertakings that relate to the environment or net zero emissions?  We can review council’s practices to identify the key gaps.


Our Team

Our internal audit services are delivered by InConsult’s qualified and experienced audit and risk management professionals, each of whom bring hands-on internal audit experience, much of which has been gained within local government in New South Wales.

Our team members hold formal tertiary qualifications in relevant disciplines including accounting, economics, internal audit, risk management, emergency management, science, information technology and investigations.

Our team members maintain membership of professional bodies that include the Institute of Internal Auditors, Risk Management Institute of Australia, Business Continuity Institute, Information Systems Audit and Control Association, and the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. This means that each team member must continue to meet the required level of continuing professional development and standards of professional conduct.

Our Commitment to Quality

InConsult prides itself on the quality and high standards of our work.

InConsult recently achieved the highest rating in an Independent Internal Audit Quality Assessment conducted by the Institute of Internal Auditors Australia (IIAA).

 We have a solid reputation and proven track record of delivering internal audit projects on time and budget.

In 2006, we pioneered research into risk management practices in local government through our Council Wide Risk Management Survey.

InConsult is a prequalified internal audit service provider under LGP218 for Internal Audit and Management Consulting Services.


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