Vendor Risk Assessment

Organisations understand the risks of doing business with third-party vendors, but they often lack the resources or expertise to implement and maintain effective vendor risk mitigation strategies — which could turn out to be a costly.

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We have the expertise to help you gain insights into your vendors' risks and recommend remediation strategies.

Cyber Risks Are Growing...

Number of Data Breaches
Are Growing

The number of data breaches publicly reported so far this year has already exceeded the total for 2020, putting 2021 on track for a record year… and just 239 breaches away from tying the 2017 record. 

Supply Chain Attacks
Are Increasing

97% of firms have been impacted by a cybersecurity breach in their supply chain, and 93% suffered a direct cybersecurity breach because of weaknesses in their supply chain

Single Point-of-Attack
Are Trending Up

Vendors are a magnet for cyber breaches. A growing trend where cyber criminals exploit multiple organisations through a single point-of-attack. They are becoming more systematic in their targeting.

But Many Organisations Remain Unprepared

60% of APRA regulated entities have not assessed
IT vendor risks

Given cyber-attacks are increasingly targeting suppliers, 60% of entities had not managed to assess all of their IT service providers’ information security control testing.

NSW Government Agencies Not Making Progress To Improve Cyber Security

The poor levels of cyber security maturity are a significant concern. Key elements to strengthen cyber security governance, controls and culture are not sufficiently robust and not consistently applied. 

Red Flag Alert: Third-party cyber risks are a
‘glaring blind spot’

60% of organisations have less than a thorough understanding of the risk of data breaches through third parties, while 20% have little or no understanding at all of these risks.

Which vendor is exposing you to more risk than you'd like to accept?

Outsourcing a service does not outsource the risk!

With cyber attacks growing in frequency, complexity and impact, it is more important than ever that you know the cyber security posture of your major suppliers and vendors.

Why? Your suppliers and vendors can often handle very confidential, sensitive, proprietary or classified information on your behalf. This significantly increases the risk of a data breach, fines, legal action and major reputational damage.

Our experienced cyber risk team use industry leading technology to monitor millions of companies, scan billions of data points and send targeted cyber security questionnaires to answer the question – How Risky or Secure Are My Vendors?

Get insight and a better understanding of your vendors' cyber security posture

Our cyber risk team will work with you to help identify your critical vendors, assess their cybersecurity posture and report the key risks.

Six Benefits of our Vendor Domain Scan and Cyber Security Questionnaires?

1. Know your vendors' cyber security posture

Our analysis will provide insight into a vendors’ cyber security posture and include an overall security rating.

2. Pinpoint the gaps and vulnerabilities

We help expose the vulnerabilities that may be exploitable on vendors’ websites and their cyber security practices.

3. Compare vendors across the ecosystem

Executive reports identify which vendors pose the highest risk across your entire vendor ecosystem.

4. Security questionnaires

Targeted cyber security questionnaires with workflows allow deeper insights into a vendors’ security practices.

5. Targeted reporting

We group risks into website risks, email security, network security, phishing & malware, reputation, and brand protection.

6. Start a conversation

You can work closer with your vendors to communicate, discuss and remediate any gaps or just stop using higher-risk vendors.

What our clients say

“Our Framework is now very comprehensive and effectively embeds the assessment, management and control of risk at all levels within our organisation, which was our key objective in commissioning the comprehensive review.”

Housing Association Compliance Manager

“Engaging InConsult to undertake the review proved to be an excellent choice. The knowledge and experience of their team made the whole process effortless. The recommendations from the assessment were thoughtful, and relevant.”

Health Insurance CIO

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*The web domain scan is entirely secure. We will not in any way compromise or penetrate a vendors environment. The scan requires no software or hardware installations as it only gathers data from existing digital footprints.

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