Cyber Risk
Gap Analysis

Our fast, low-cost cyber risk gap analysis can provide assurance in the form of a simple and presentable report.

Why is a Cyber Risk Gap Analysis important?

Being the Cyber Risk Lead at InConsult, I am constantly faced with helping organisations with the complex challenge of aligning Business and IT culture. 

With cyber attacks growing in frequency, complexity and cost, it is more important than ever that you know the gaps in your organisation and what needs to be done to rectify them.

Your IT Department knows your organisation best, but even the best of them can only monitor so much. With a variety of framework requirements and new risks emerging every day, it would be impossible to assess all risks internally. 

Our experienced cyber risk team use industry leading technology to monitor a combination of millions of companies, scanning billions of data points and sending targeted cyber risk questionnaires to answer the question – How  Risky or Secure Is Our Organisation? 


William Makdessi
Cyber Risk Lead

Take action to understand your cyber security gaps before someone else does.

Our cyber risk team will work with you to help identify critical and common areas of vulnerability and report back to you on the risk implications and remediations.

Six Benefits of our
Cyber Risk Gap Analysis?

1. Know your cyber security risk posture

Our analysis provides insight into cyber risk and includes an industry average comparison and a cyber security rating.

2. Pinpoint the gaps and vulnerabilities

We can discover vulnerabilities that may be exploitable on your websites and any flaws in cyber security practices.

3. Considerable Cost Effectiveness

Unlike extensive framework reviews, our quick and easy gap analysis summarises key areas of vulnerability for much less.

4. Security questionnaires

Targeted cybersecurity questionnaires with workflows allow deeper insights into your security practices.

5. Targeted reporting

We group risks into website risks, email security, network security, phishing & malware, reputation, and brand protection.

6. Start a conversation

You can work closer with your service providers and partners to discuss and remediate any gaps or just avoid high-risk providers.

Who needs to know

The results of our Cyber Risk Gap Analysis are presented in a user friendly format to help key stakeholders, including senior management and the audit and risk committee, to assess the effectiveness of the organisation’s cyber security framework. Reporting can be used to develop relationships with technical staff and strengthen the posture of the organisation.

What our clients say

“Our Framework is now very comprehensive and effectively embeds the assessment, management and control of risk at all levels within our organisation, which was our key objective in commissioning our Risk Review.”

- Housing Association, Compliance Manager

“Engaging InConsult proved to be an excellent choice. The knowledge and experience of their consultant made the whole process effortless. The recommendations from the assessment were independent, thoughtful, and relevant.”

- Health Insurance, CIO


We are official partners of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) as part of the global Joint Cyber Security Centre program. As part of the ACSC network we contribute and receive alerts about the latest cyber threats affecting Australia before they happen.

We are also official Microsoft Partners. As a Microsoft Partner Network contributor, we are recognised as a legitimate organisation that is constantly looking to better the global IT community through ongoing learning and development.

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 We will not in any way compromise or penetrate an organisation’s environment. The review requires no software or hardware installations as it only gathers data on your organisation’s existing and publicly accessible digital footprint.

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