Client Update COVID19

We are well prepared

As a leading business continuity management service provider, InConsult continues to lead by example.  Our clients choose to work with us because they know we have the capability to continue to deliver our services when the unexpected occurs.

InConsult is well prepared to sustain the pandemic disruption due to our pre-planning, diligent management approach and capabilities that include:

  • Secure web based technology that allows our people to work remotely from anywhere and share information.
  • Layers of information security (physical and application controls) to minimize the risk to our critical systems.
  • A multi-disciplinary team of consultants to allow critical projects to continue should a consultant have to self-isolate.

Since early January 2020, we started actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation.  Following the Pandemic Declaration of COVID-19, we invoked our Pandemic Plan. 

As the various waves of the pandemic continue, we have implemented a Recovery Plan to guide and communicate our recovery efforts. This includes:

  • Following all public health and safety guidelines.
  • Minimising risk – remote working, conducting online meetings, providing appropriate personal hygiene controls in our office for staff and visitors.
  • Educating our staff and clients about appropriate strategies to minimize the spread. Read more.
  • Daily monitoring of active cases and defined escalation triggers and actions.

Current situation and capabilities

Our People

  • All our consultants are available.
  • No consultant has the symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • We will not compromise safety and hygiene protocols or breach social distancing laws to provide a service.
  • All consultants check-in to locations visited.
  • All consultants carry a COVID-19 safety and hygiene emergency kit.

Current Services & Projects

  • Most services are being performed successfully remotely to reduce the risk.
  • We avoid travel to known ‘hot spots’
  • Face-to-face meetings, training and workshops are performed and always subject to a risk assessment.
  • GuardianERM.Net is available.

New Projects

  • We continue to start new projects.
  • We are prioritising clients that require urgent pandemic and crisis management support. 
  • We are communicating with all clients regularly.

Remote Working Capabilities

  • On line meetings via Microsoft Teams.
  • All files available online via our Microsoft 365 platform.
  • Multiple communication channels available including website, social media, email, landline, mobile and web-messaging.

Critical Systems

  • All our web-based systems are available as normal.
  • All supporting infrastructure is available as normal.
  • Multiple, off-line back-ups are maintained in the event of a network disruption.
  • We are monitoring systems daily.

Free Client Hotline

We’re here for you.  We want to help you get through this.  For our current clients, general advice and guidance in respect to critical crisis management and pandemic matters is available for FREE. Please contact us.


Phone:   +61 2 9241 1344

COVID-19 Pandemic Services


  • Identify and assess critical services.
  • Identification of people at risk.
  • Vulnerability risk assessment.
  • Preparedness assessment.


  • Review pandemic plan concept of  operation.
  • Identify gaps.
  • Update pandemic plan.


  • Support an effective response to navigate uncertainty.
  • Scenario planning – estimate the likely impacts and then identify and plan potential actions.


  • Structured survey comprising of 25 questions covering 6 essential elements of the pandemic response to help obtain valuable feedback from staff.


  • What does the ‘new normal’ look like? 
  • A phased approach to return to normal.
  • Access financial assistance.
  • Reassess business plans.


  • How effective was your response?
  • What worked well? What didn’t?
  • A structured review with a clear roadmap for improvements.

COVID-19 Information Centre

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